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Today is your last chance to get a new $600 stimulus check

Published Jan 15th, 2021 2:36PM EST
Stimulus check update
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  • Friday, January 15, brings a key stimulus check update: This is the deadline for the IRS and Treasury Department to stop all mailouts as part of this second wave of new stimulus check disbursements.
  • It could still take another week or so for the final stimulus payments in this wave to arrive, after today.
  • Next up is a third round of stimulus payments that President-elect Joe Biden has pledged to push Congress for as soon as he takes office.

We have an important stimulus check update for you today, in case you weren’t aware: Today, the IRS and Treasury Department will stop issuing and sending out the second round of $600 stimulus payments, per the terms of the $900 billion COVID relief bill that set January 15 as the deadline for these payments.

What does that mean for you, if you haven’t received your payment yet? Well, for starters, it means to continue keeping an eye on your mailbox, because today the mailouts stop — but it doesn’t mean that receiving the checks will stop cold today. Here are a few key facts to know about this second round of stimulus payments, especially if you still haven’t received yours yet.

For one thing, you’ll need to keep an eye on your mailbox, because any payments sent out yesterday or today might still take as long as a week or so to make their way through the postal system and arrive in your mailbox.

Secondly, for the next week or so make sure you don’t throw away any mail that you don’t immediately recognize or that seems at first glance like junk mail. The stimulus payments are coming in one of three ways — via a direct deposit to a bank account, as well as via a paper check sent through the mail, and also a debit card preloaded with the individual’s new stimulus payment amount.

The IRS earlier this month said that about 8 million people will receive their stimulus debit cards mailed to their homes. It’s also important to know that they’ll come in envelopes with a Treasury Department seal prominently displayed (read more about the cards here).

As President-elect Joe Biden’s tweet above makes clear, meanwhile, the other thing to know about this second round of COVID-era stimulus payments is how universal the reaction has been that these $600 amounts are thoroughly unsatisfactory in the wake of the continued coronavirus pandemic. This is why Biden, on Thursday evening, unveiled a $1.9 trillion economic relief package that’s likely to be among the first pieces of legislation the 117th Congress votes on after he takes office next Wednesday.

And in keeping with his promise to use the new albeit slim Democratic majority in the Senate to pass legislation that funds more stimulus checks, Biden’s plan calls for $1,400 stimulus checks for Americans who earned up to $75,000 in 2019, to supplement the $600 checks that today is the deadline for.

Andy Meek
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