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Today is your last day to apply for a stimulus check and rent relief

Published Sep 30th, 2020 1:41PM EDT
Stimulus check update
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  • A stimulus check update could be coming soon, now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin appear to be closing in on a possible new coronavirus stimulus accord.
  • However, there are also some important deadlines to be aware of that are connected to the first stimulus bill that Congress passed, the $2.2 trillion CARES Act from back in March.
  • Today is the deadline to apply for the extra $500/child payment that was supposed to be included with your first stimulus check if you didn’t yet receive that money.

While everyone waits to see if a stimulus check update materializes soon — now that the Democrat-led House of Representatives has unveiled a new $2.2 trillion stimulus package that includes funding for new $1,200 stimulus checks — a major deadline has arrived today for anyone who didn’t get all of their stimulus money yet.

Democrats and White House representatives have reportedly given themselves an unofficial endpoint of today to determine whether or not there’s a chance to salvage hopes of a new stimulus accord moving through Congress that would also have the full support of the president. “I say we’re going to give it one more serious try to get this done, and I think we’re hopeful that we can get something done,” Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said during the Delivering Alpha conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor. “I think there is a reasonable compromise here.” Meantime, it’s also important to know that Americans have mere hours left to take advantage of funding made available through the CARES Act that Congress passed way back in March, if that money is still needed.

This is specifically for anyone who needs rent or mortgage help or who did not get the extra $500 for qualifying children that was supposed to be included in stimulus checks sent out earlier this year.

Today is the deadline by which you need to have given information to the IRS on any dependent children in your household because the CARES Act that made the stimulus checks possible provided an extra $500 supplemental payment along with your stimulus check for every qualifying child. Head over to the IRS’s “Non-Filers” tool to input that information.

Today is also the final day in many locales to ask for rent relief by applying for CARES Act funding. Check with your local housing authority already if you haven’t yet to see how you can apply for a share of those funds.

In terms of where things stand on the status of a new stimulus bill, meanwhile, there’s certainly reason for guarded optimism, as we noted here.

Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke by phone on Tuesday for almost an hour, and their chat reportedly focused on pieces of the new stimulus proposal House Democrats unveiled on Monday. The pair decided to talk again today, with Mnuchin expected to bring up his counteroffer to Pelosi to see if they can keep the talks rolling along. Pelosi told an interview that “We’ll just see what they come back with today and how our negotiations go next.”

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