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People in this state get new February stimulus checks – see if you’re eligible

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom told reporters in recent days that a new round of Golden State Stimulus checks will “likely” be part of a May revision to his state budget proposal.

That’s big news because Californians already benefited from one of the largest stimulus check efforts separate from the federal government’s. “We expect in the May (revised) language when I update the budget, that we are likely to have an additional rebate to the taxpayers,” he said. That would be an extension of the Golden State Stimulus payments which included two rounds of checks to Californians in 2021. Meanwhile, there’s one set of circumstances whereby some Californians might still get a previously delayed Golden State Stimulus payment. And very soon, too — as in, sometime in the weeks ahead.

Golden State Stimulus checks

It has to do with the October 15, 2021, deadline by which potential Golden State Stimulus recipients were supposed to have filed their California income tax return. Some state residents, however, applied for an ITIN — Individual Tax Identification Number — and might not have received it in time.

In which case, those people have until February 15 of this year to file their tax return that was due by October 15. Once they file that return, the California Franchise Tax Board can then consider whether to award that person a Golden State Stimulus payment.

So, again: Even though the final wave of the second round of those payments finished up in January? The people who were waiting on an ITIN number in order to file their tax return could get another Golden State Stimulus payment in the coming weeks. And that’s separate from whatever Newsom decides to add to the state budget along these lines in the second quarter.

Stimulus checks 2022

A close-up of a person opening a wallet with cash
A close-up of a person opening a wallet with cash. Image source: photoniko/Adobe

More localized efforts like the Golden State Stimulus will, by the way, be increasingly important this year. That is, in light of the political will among federal lawmakers to re-up the federal stimulus checks completely collapsing.

Millions of Americans can at least still benefit from last year’s expanded child tax credit benefit, however.

That benefit expansion was disseminated, in part, as an up-front cash payment. Spread over six monthly stimulus checks. The second half of the expanded child tax credit will come in the form of a tax credit. One that you’ll claim when you file your federal tax return this year.

Other than that? It seems pretty certain for the near future that the federal government won’t be doing much else along these lines. To get caught up on some of the latest stimulus-related news headlines, meanwhile? You can check out these recent posts of ours below:

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