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North Korea says the US planned biochemical attack to kill supreme leader Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong Un Assassination Plot Story

Does the US want to assassinate North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un? If real, a plan like that would certainly address a bunch of problems for the Trump administration, and for the rest of the world. Or, it would be just the kind of pretext the totalitarian regime north of the wall needs to start a nuclear war.

Well, it turns out North Korea really believes that the US and South Korea have been working together to kill Kim by using biochemical weapons.

According to CNN, North Korean state news agency KCNA uncovered a “hideous” plot by a terrorist group that attempted to kill the supreme leader.

In a 1,800-word report, the agency said that the plot involved a North Korean citizen and the use of “biochemical substances including radioactive substance and nano poisonous substance” to target Kim during a major event such as a military parade. No evidence whatsoever was provided in the report.

This CNN paragraph tells the whole story and reads like a synopsis for an action movie that Hollywood should really consider making.

KCNA laid out the alleged plot in great detail, saying it was hatched in 2014 when the South Korean and US intelligence agencies recruited a North Korean working in the timber industry in eastern Russia. Further contacts were made over subsequent years, and the assassination attempt was to have taken place at a military parade, KCNA said.

The report didn’t say when the plot was foiled, but only that it was “uncovered and smashed” recently.

CNN points out that South Korea’s plans to kill Kim aren’t secret — well not all of them. There is at least one retaliatory plan that includes targeting North Korea’s leadership if South Korea feels threatened by nuclear attack.

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