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Fourth stimulus check is coming by next week if you live in this one state

fourth stimulus checks

It’s now clear that fourth stimulus checks are definitely coming soon, albeit for a couple of very specific demographics.

Notwithstanding the petition calling for $2,000 stimulus checks — which has now been signed by more than 2.8 million people — these new checks will range from a few hundred dollars to, in one unique case, $1,400. So, no $2,000 checks anytime soon. But, having said that, don’t forget: Four more child tax credit checks, which are a kind of stimulus payment themselves, are still scheduled to go out once a month between now and December. All of which means that one way or another, tens of millions of Americans have some amount of stimulus check money coming their way soon.

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Fourth stimulus checks coming

We’ve already noted, in a recent post, who’s getting one of these new checks. Giving birth this year is the deciding factor. Parents who welcome a newborn child at any point in 2021 are likely eligible for another stimulus check, for $1,400, in 2022, according to both Fortune and Insider. They would get that check upon filing their federal taxes in 2022.

That money is a little different, though, from what most people think of when they want to know if a fourth stimulus check is possible. Because the $1,400 for new parents this year is not new — the $1.9 trillion stimulus law from March already made this possible.

In California, meanwhile, it’s a somewhat different story. There, some residents are not only about to get a new stimulus check that sequentially counts as #4. But it’s also newly approved money. Though, again, it’s only for certain residents of the Golden State.

The Golden State Stimulus

So who’s getting one of these fourth stimulus checks in California? Generally, you’ll qualify if you made less than $75,000 last year. And if you’ve lived in California for most of the year. Also, no one should be able to claim you as a dependent, and you must have filed your 2020 taxes before October 15 of this year.

If you qualify, you’ll receive $600. Plus another $500 to cover dependents that you might have.

A huge caveat, meanwhile, is worth noting here. If you got money during the first round of the Golden State Stimulus, you won’t receive a new check here. Also, the number of dependents you have doesn’t affect your check. The extra money comes only if you have any dependents at all.

According to officials in California, these fourth stimulus checks are being issued by the end of the month. Which means they’re going out in less than a week. And similar to how the federal stimulus program works, direct deposits will go out first. Followed by paper checks, which will hit mailboxes after that.

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