Donald Trump the citizen, Donald Trump the outlandish candidate, Donald Trump the Republican nominee, and POTUS Donald Trump all have one thing in common. They’ll all lie to your face in blatant disregard of the facts. It’s especially disturbing to see President Trump unleash a flurry of “alternative facts” on a regular basis because that’s precisely the kind of behavior that doesn’t inspire trust. President Trump continued to throw falsehoods at the press during his press conference on Thursday — or his attack on the dishonest media. And this clip will show you how one reporter caught Trump’s lie and how the Commander-in-Chief defended himself for lying to your face on TV.

Trump said during his remarks that he won the election by securing 306 Electoral College votes, which represents “the biggest Electoral College win since Ronald Regan.”

Later during the event, a reporter called out Trump’s lie by mentioning real facts. He began by telling Trump that Obama’s both victories were bigger than his, regarding electoral votes — Obama got 365 votes in 2008, and 332 in 2012.

Trump said that he was talking about Republican victories, something that wasn’t clear in his previous remark.

Even so, the reporter continued, Trump’s margin is not even close to George H.W Bush’s 426 electoral votes win in 1988. The reporter then asked, “so why should Americans trust you?”

Trump then replied that he “was given that information. I don’t know. I was just given it. We had a very, very big margin.”

The entire exchange took place after Trump repeatedly called out the fake news related to Russia and the way he’s treated by the press.

At this point, it doesn’t even matter how many electoral votes Trump got — it’s actually 304, not 306 because two faithless electors voted for someone else. What is important is that Trump insists on deciding what’s true and what’s fake in the news, while continuing to propagate false news himself.

If he’s not doing the lying himself, he definitely has problems he needs to deal with when it comes to people who’re feeding him information. It’s one thing to make a mistake informing the president about Electoral College voting statistics and quite another if more sensitive information that might affect his decisions is based on alternative facts.

Check out the entire exchange below:

A more in-depth fact-check of Trump’s press conference is available over at The Wall Street Journal

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