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Congress calls out Trump’s lies, urges him to stop spreading fake news

Donald Trump Fake News

Trump has a fake news problem, and everybody knows it. While he keeps labeling most of the media reports that criticize him and his administration as “fake news,” that’s not the problem I’m referring to. Trump has a problem with the way he spreads the truth. He often replaces it with alternative facts, and some of those come from shady sources. Congress has finally caught on to it, and it has officially asked the realtor-in-chief to stop spreading fake news.

Before you get too excited, this particular notice comes from the House Committee on Science, Space & Technology, and looks to address the White House’s inability to properly staff the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP).

“Concerned about the process” by which Trump receives information, the Committee asks for is for the White House to find someone qualified to lead the Office.

“Disseminating stories from dubious sources has been a recurring problem with your administration,” the letter tells Trump. “You previously made the false claim that President Obama ordered phones to be ‘tapped” based on false reports which have subsequently been contradicted by senior US intelligence officials. You falsely stated that millions of votes were cast against you ‘illegally’ after reading about subsequently-debunked ‘research” pushed by alt-right websites. This, by no means, is a comprehensive list of your activities peddling fake news.”

The letter also quotes other events involving fake news that reached Trump, including printouts of hoax Time magazine covers concerning climate change.

The representatives signing the paper, including both Republican and Democrats, urge Trump to hire a competent person atop to lead the OSTP. Failure to do so, the letter notes, could only result in the dissemination of more misinformation and fake news.

The letter is available in full at this link.

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