For the first time since he took office, President Donald Trump will address a joint session of Congress tonight at 9:00 pm ET. It will be the most substantial speech he has given since his inauguration and will serve as an opportunity for him to highlight the accomplishments he and his team have made over the past month and a half. It will also give him a chance to give Congress his opinion on the progress they have made directly.

ABC News was able to get its hands on a list of talking points for the address, which include tax reform, regulatory rollbacks, access to education, making life easier for working parents, the increased budget for the US military and “the disaster of Obamacare.” ABC’s source claims that these are subjects Trump wants to work with Congress on in the coming weeks and months of his presidency.

On Monday, press secretary Sean Spicer told the press that the theme of Trump’s address would be “the renewal of the American spirit.” With all of the bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers, US citizens being detained in airports for hours on end and ongoing concerns about Russia, that’s going to be a tall task.

Trump has certainly been busy in his first few weeks in office, but many of the most noteworthy battles are being fought in Congress. Trump’s cabinet nominees received an unprecedented amount of pushback from Democratic politicians and the repeal of Obamacare has come to a halt as the GOP struggles to grapple with the fact that a majority of Americans are now saying they want to keep it.

The address is expected to begin at 9:00 p.m. ET. We’ve embedded a stream from NBC News below:

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