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Apple Patent

How future iPhones could take a cue from… the 2009 BlackBerry Bold?

May 15th, 2015

A recently published Apple patent reveals that the Cupertino-based company may have some interesting plans in store for the home button that graces all iOS devices. According to the patent, which was just published late this week, Apple envisions a dynamic iOS home button that would present users with more granular input options and more.

iPhone History Wiki

Apple engineer describes what it was like to work on the original iPhone

December 26th, 2016

When Steve Jobs decided that Apple should go ahead and build its own branded smartphone, he entrusted his trusty lieutenant Scott Forstall to assemble a team of Apple’s best and most ambitious engineers to develop what would ultimately be known as iOS. That Jobs was quick to give Forstall so much responsibility wasn’t much of …

LTE MacBook

This is how an LTE Macbook would work

July 19th, 2016

Rumors of a Macbook with cellular connectivity have been a thing since before macOS was a twinkle in Tim Cook’s eye. Whether or not a Macbook with LTE is actually coming, it’s clearly a project Apple is thinking about, as evidenced by new patent filings. Documents uncovered by Patently Apple show a patent for a unibody aluminum …

Qualcomm vs. Apple Lawsuit

Qualcomm countersues Apple, says there’s no iPhone without its cellular tech

April 11th, 2017

Qualcomm on Monday announced it filed a suit against Apple, in response to the iPhone maker’s legal attacks from a few months ago. Apple alleged in its lawsuits that Qualcomm has been abusing it position in the chip industry to charge higher royalties on standard-essential patents and force Apple into exclusive deals. Apple also claimed that …

iPhone 8 Rumors Fingerprint Sensor Removal

This might be one of Apple’s greatest iPhone innovations yet

February 23rd, 2017

Apple’s next flagship iPhone will have a bigger display-to-body ratio than any other iPhone before it, rumors indicate, as Apple is preparing for a radical design change. The iconic home button of the iPhone is going away. Or better said, the physical button is going away, but the button’s features will remain. By eliminating the home …