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Intel joins One Laptop Per Child initiative

July 15th, 2007

Originally, people called it the $100 laptop project. Until, of course, the laptops couldn’t seem to get any cheaper than $175. A more fitting name, One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), has now become more commonplace, and is also bringing unlikely allies together for the initiative. Intel has just signed on to the project, although specific details …

Apps galore for your Apple iPhone

July 15th, 2007

We know that a lot of you have splurged on Apple’s new handset over the last couple weeks. Everything that needs to be said about this groundbreaking device has been covered at least 3 times over, but one thing most iPhone fanboys are in need of, is a list of the most popular and useful …

$100 HD-DVD player?

July 14th, 2007

It looks like the answer might be yes, though you’ll have a small window to take advantage of this deal. Toshiba could be poised to offer their HD-A2 player for the bargain basement price of $99. The catch? You’ll have from July 22nd to July 29th to take advantage of this crazy pricing. The deal …

New Adobe promotion is really cool, promises hours of lost productivity

July 14th, 2007

Those familiar with Adobe products are probably already aware that Creative Suite 3 is now all the rage, with popular products such as Photoshop and Illustrator as part of the package. In a new ad campaign being launched by Adobe, a 7-foot by 15-foot projection has been created at the Picadilly Circus Virgin Megastore in …

Verizon Treo 700w/wx update brings host of useful features

July 14th, 2007

Palm has just released an OS update for Treo 700w/wx’s running on the Verizon network, and it includes a couple of pretty useful upgrades. The new update brings the OS up to 1.22, and in the case of the Treo 700w, includes support for DUN tethering over USB and Bluetooth, A2DP stereo Bluetooth protocol support, …

Yahoo! adds suggestive search

July 14th, 2007

  New to the feature group of Yahoo! searching is suggestive search. As you type your words, suggested options pop up in a dropdown below the search bar. Simply scroll or click on the search term of choice to save yourself typing time. Our experience was pretty positive, as the search term suggestions popped up quickly, which …

Google sued by Chinese company Guge

July 14th, 2007

It sounds like a joke from a bad Onion cartoon, but we assure this is no fib. Beijing Guge Science and Technology Ltd, a company of somewhat unclear intentions, has brought suit against Google. The Chinese company contends that Google’s Chinese transliteration, Guge, is identical to a facet of their own legal name. Beijing Guge …

25% of iPhone users are switchers

July 13th, 2007

For anyone that thought Jim Balsillie had a point when he contended that Apple was effectively pimping AT&T, take note here. According to a report filed by the American Technology Research firm, roughly 25%, or a full quarter of all new iPhone users were willing to jump ship, paying countless ETFs along the way from …

Virtual BlackBerry for Windows Mobile launching on T-Mobile Dash?

July 13th, 2007

We have reason to believe that the highly anticipated Virtual BlackBerry for Windows Mobile devices will make it’s debut on the T-Mobile Dash (HTC S620). I apologize for the lack of details, but as more concrete news becomes readily available to the BGR staff, you will be the first to know!