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Woman having worse day than you has car stolen while fighting off phone thief

worst day ever

If you dribbled some of your three-pump, no whip, extra cream, double espresso, vanilla latte on your shirt this morning and looked to the sky to ask God what you had done to deserve such a wretched and unjust punishment, consider the day that one Atlanta woman just had to endure. Emma Ebosi was leaving an Atlanta area gas station when a woman attempted to steal her phone. For anyone else, having to physically fight off a phone thief would be the low point of the day, but Ebosi’s misfortune was just getting started.

“I was walking to my car; she just attacked me from behind and we kind of fought over my phone,” Ebosi told Atlanta’s Channel 2 news.

While Ebosi was heroically fending off the unprovoked attack and attempted theft, she accidentally dropped her keys on the ground. Then, as Ebosi was still dealing with the situation at hand, a group of three men walked up, snatched the keys off the pavement and stole her car in broad daylight. The would-be phone thief eventually fled, and police believe that the two incidents are not related. In short, Ebosi just has really, really bad luck.

Neither the woman who attempted to steal the phone nor the three car thieves have been located, and Ebosi’s 2007 Saturn Vue is yet to be found. Ebosi is predictably shaken. “This makes me question everyone now because anything can really happen,” she told a local news station. The victim managed to walk away from the whole saga unharmed, but that’s about the only silver lining to this story.