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This floating building would make it possible to walk on water

Water Pavilion Concept Walking

Jesus may have walked on water on his own, but the rest of us would need some help to manage that kind of miraculous behavior. And as it turns out, one architecture firm came up with a project that would make it possible for regular people to walk on water.

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Created for the Yeosu Expo in 2012 by Daniel Valle Architecture, the Water Pavilion lets you walk on the surface of the water. To do so, however, you’ll be stepping on a human-built structure that can sink just below sea level.

The pavilion can move upwards or downwards with the help of a system of complex hydraulics, depending on what kind of exhibits it’s intended to house. According to its creator, the Water Pavilion concept explores “fluidity, buoyancy, and constant change,” Inhabitat notes.

“The pavilion stands on the unstable limit of sea level, changing its configuration according to various uses during the expo,” the architecture firm says. The 30,000 square meter floating Water Pavilion can also be moved to a different location if needed.

In addition to walking on water, you can also experience what it feels like to reside underwater with the help of this unusual building design. Speaking of underwater adventures, Airbnb offers you a chance to sleep with the sharks, if you’re up for the challenge.

Meanwhile, feel free to explore the Water Pavilion concept in the images below, and by following the source link.

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