There’s little anyone can do to train for dealing with an airplane fire. You do as you’re told and hope to live to tell the tale, especially if the plane is still on the ground. But if there’s one thing we’re all “trained” to do that’s to record videos with our smartphones. And a person who experienced one such incident preserved the panic inside the cockpit for posterity with the help of his smartphone camera. One other person filmed the plane burning after the evacuation.

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An American Airlines aircraft caught fire just before takeoff from Chicago’s O’Hare airport on Friday, CNET reports. The right-side engine burst into flames, and evacuation procedures started almost immediately.

As you can see in the video that went viral on Facebook and YouTube, there’s quite a ruckus inside the cabin, and that’s quite understandable. The panic that follows an announcement that your airplane is on fire and you need to evacuate the aircraft is expected. Some passengers are more composed than others, but the fear is there for everyone. Thankfully, all the passengers were evacuated, with some people sustaining minor injuries.

There were 161 passengers and 9 crew members aboard the aircraft, of which seven passengers and one crew member reported injuries after the evacuation, according to CBS News.

The video is just 80 seconds long and shows us how the camera owner evacuates the aircraft, from start to finish. The full clip follows below.

A second passenger posted on Instagram a video of the aftermath.

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