Tonight, it’s the speech we’ve all been waiting for. The hairpiece mannequin who also happens to be the Republican candidate for president is formally accepting the nomination tonight, which promises to make for fantastic television.

Luckily for us, it’s easy to watch along. The convention is being livestreamed on Twitter, and there’s also an official RNC YouTube channel that you can pull up on your mobile device, laptop computer, smart TV, dumb TV, Roku box, Chromecast, or basically anything that receives The Internet.

In other words, the Donald will be impossible to escape.

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The night will start at 6PM ET, when former NFL quarterback Fran Tarkenton is expected to speak. Another highlight following shortly after will be Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel, a rare Republican supporter among the tech industry.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka will introduce Trump sometime after 7.20PM ET, and the big man himself should be coming on stage sometime around 9PM (although that time, like many other things in Trump’s life, isn’t fixed).

So far, the convention hasn’t exactly gone to plan for Trump. After his wife was found to have plagiarized her speech on Monday night, Ben Carson went off script, and then “Lyin’ Ted” refused to endorse Trump last night, and was subsequently booed off stage.

If Trump’s campaign team can stop the in-fighting for one evening, they’ll be hoping for a much better result from their candidate.

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