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How to watch tonight’s big Tesla Model 3 unveiling live

Tesla Model 3 event 2017: Part 3 livestream

We’re way past the point where Tesla should be “unveiling” the Model 3, since the automaker has already had two unveiling events for its shiny new car. But the third time should be the charm: tonight, Tesla is going to deliver the first Model 3s to their lucky owners, and thanks to the magic of the internet, you can watch it all live.

There’s plenty of things we already know about the Model 3. It’s going to cost $35,000 (after subsidies), do 0-60 in a non-sluggish 5.6 seconds, have an incredibly minimalist interior, and look like a squatter Tesla sedan on the outside.

But given that this is a car that 400,000 people have already put $1,000 down on, we’re surprisingly in the dark about a bunch of things. We don’t know what options will be available, we don’t technically know the range, and the extent of any autonomous driving capabilities are still to be seen.

Hopefully, that should all change this evening. Tesla is actually handing the keys over to the first 30 Model 3 customers, so it’s going to be difficult to continue hiding those little details.

The launch event is technically set to start at 11PM ET, with the livestream starting a little earlier at 10:45 over on Tesla’s website. Unfortunately, Elon Musk has a bad habit of being late (like, over an hour late!) to his own events, so it’s going to be a long night for anyone on the East Coast.