T-Mobile’s loyalty/bribe program, T-Mobile Tuesdays, has been running for a year now. It’s been a runaway success with consumers, because if there’s one thing that can make people forget spotty cell coverage, it’s free things.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary, T-Mobile is having a particularly generous edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays today. Log into the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, and you can get cheap ice-cream, discounts on gas, free movie rentals, and even a free pink hat. Truly we are blessed.

As per usual, today’s giveaway is a mix of discounts and coupons for everyone, and a bunch of prize draws you can enter. The coupons for everyone aren’t bad at all: a Shell promotion for $0.25 off every gallon of gas; free movie or game rental from Redbox; two sundaes for $0.99 from Baskins Robbins with a buy-one-get-one free deal; and a free T-Mobile trucker hat, provided you can make it to a T-Mobile store.

The more-exciting but less-likely side of today’s giveaway are the big prizes. You can enter the sweepstakes to win one of a bunch of LG G6 smartphones, a year of free ice-cream, or a trip to see any event at the T-Mobile arena in Vegas.

The full details of today’s “Thankiversary” can be found on the T-Mobile Tuesdays website, or through the T-Mobile Tuesdays app. Any postpaid or prepaid customer on a monthly rate plan is eligible to play, although a word of warning: the T-Mobile Tuesday app doesn’t work on iOS 11.

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