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T-Mobile gave away so much free pizza it broke Domino’s

T-Mobile Tuesdays Dominos

T-Mobile Tuesdays is a brand-new freebie program that the company unveiled last week amid much fanfare and swearing. It’s a simple idea: every week, T-Mobile customers get freebies, like free movie tickets or a free pizza.

Only, it appears that so many people wanted free Domino’s — even on a Tuesday night — that it overwhelmed the world’s largest pizza chain. Oops.

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According to Domino’s and T-Mobile CEO John Legere, the demand for free pizza saw a gigantic surge in demand. Domino’s described it as causing “a lot of stress,” while Legere said Domino’s stores were seeing three or four times the usual volume of a typical day.

I would like to say it’s a level of demand that no-one could have foreseen, but then again they were also giving away free pizza.

Due to the overwhelming demand, Domino’s has suspended its participation in T-Mobile Tuesdays, which means no more free pizza for you. Luckily, T-Mobile’s stepping into the breach and still offering free Vudu rentals, Lyft rides, and swag from the MLB website.

Of note, the free Lyft rides were already planned for next week despite Legere’s tweet, and the initial Domino’s promotion did have a 100 pizza limit her store so it’s not clear how or why demand would outstretch supply.

To benefit from T-Mobile Tuesdays, you simply need to be a T-Mobile customer, and download the iOS or Android app from the respective app store. Then, wait for Tuesday, and go redeem your free gift. Just remember to be nice to the Domino’s employees while you’re demanding your free crap from them.