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Donald Trump and Ben Carson star in the most awkward video of 2016

February 8th, 2016 at 2:16 PM
Republican Debate Entrance Video

Something incredible happened this weekend. No, it wasn’t the Super Bowl, or all the new movies trailers that debuted on TV or even North Korea launching a satellite into space. It was a single moment in the latest Republican debate.

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The debate itself was among the least eventful of the election season thus far, perhaps because the furor surrounding Donald Trump has calmed considerably since his surprising defeat in the Iowa caucuses. But the moment that everyone can’t stop talking about actually occurred before a single question was asked.

In a year full of inexplicable political mishaps, this video is perhaps the pinnacle. As if Trump and Carson standing awkwardly in the hallway isn’t hysterical enough on its own, Chris Christie’s line about Kasich caps the whole incident off perfectly.

Although I think I would have preferred to let this bizarre entrance remain unexamined, Politico got the full story out of Carson in the spin room.

“ABC News has admitted there were sound issues. We couldn’t hear very well backstage, so I was just waiting to hear my name,” Carson told Politico after the debate. “They said go out when you hear your name and I didn’t hear my name.”

As for whether or not it was a planned move, Carson said the following:

“Oh no, it wasn’t planned.”

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