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Parking lot ‘brawl’ turns into demolition derby

los angeles car accident

The holidays are a stressful time for all of us, but normally that angst translates into Black Friday fistfights, not vehicular assault. In Los Angeles, a fight over a parking spot went from a simple disagreement to bloody knuckles and eventually full-on carmageddon, as a pair of SUVs did their best to literally destroy each other.

Details about how the rapidly-escalating kerfuffle began are sparse, but witnesses told a local L.A. ABC affiliate that a stolen parking spot was the spark. Fists quickly began to fly, and at least one of the pair of woman drivers involved ended up absorbing a few haymakers while laying on the pavement.

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Things got a lot more interesting when one of the women got back into her car — which seems to be a white Toyota — and proceeded to ram backwards into her opponent’s silver BMW. At that point, it seems all bets were off, and the two vehicles began a lengthy battle in the cramped L.A. lot as onlookers cheered and jeered at the mayhem.

We’re not just talking about fender-benders here; at one point the Toyota hits the BMW’s passenger side door and bends it completely backwards, then violently rams it shut again minutes later. The chaos even spilled out onto the street, as the BMW was apparently attempting to leave the scene of the insanity. The Toyota was having none of that, and sped out of the driveway and hit the silver car at least two more times before eventually speeding straight into a city fire hydrant and snapping it off.

ABC 7 reports that the LAPD is looking into the incident and that the city’s utility maintenance crews have already repaired the broken hydrant.

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