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Every ‘Star Wars’ fan will love this epic Lego Imperial Star Destroyer

Lego Imperial Star Destroyer

Happy May the 4th, Star Wars fans! May the 4th is almost over but you still have time to check out this awesome Star Destroyer that’s made out of over 70 pounds of Lego pieces and that has a three-level interior with characters, ships and removable sections.

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The design is inspired by the 2014 Lego Star Destroyer Set, but Imgur user doomhandle came up with something that’s vastly superior to the commercial set. His Tyrant Imperial Star Destroyer measures 56 inches (1.4m) and it’s 20 times the size of the official Star Destroyer set.

The custom Star Destroyer was built using Lego components, except for a couple of strings of LED lighting.

The imposing structure has an elaborate and incredibly detailed design both on the outside and the inside. That said, the creator took various liberties with the overall design, but the result is still spectacular.

“I took some liberties with the back of the ship – oh well, official representations of the ship differ a lot as well,” doomhandle wrote on Imgur. He also customized the characters inside the ship. “I don’t like building things for actual movie characters because their stories already have been told. So I make up my own characters instead,” he wrote.

As for disassembling the ship? It’s fairly easy, and you can quickly get access to the three levels inside, complete with a TIE fighter hanger, as well as various other ships.

The result is an amazing creation that Star Wars fans will certainly love – check out the entire 45-image gallery below.

Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

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