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Jimmy Dean says there’s metal in its sausage, issues immediate recall

jimmy dean sausage recall

Biting into a breakfast sausage is a treat that everyone should experience as often as possible, but if your freezer is stocked with bags of Jimmy Dean links, you might want to hold off. CTI Foods, the company behind the Jimmy Dean brand, is issuing a recall of some of its sausage products after finding metal inside of the meat.

The recall, which the company announced yesterday, affects the 23.4 oz. pouches of Jimmy Dean “Heat ‘n Serve” original sausage links with a Use By date of January 31st, 2019. If you have a bag of these on hand, don’t eat them.

“A few consumers contacted the company to say they had found small, string-like fragments of metal in the product,” CTI Foods said in a statement. “Though the fragments have been found in a very limited number of packages, out of an abundance of caution, CTI is recalling 29,028 pounds of product. Jimmy Dean is closely monitoring this recall and working with CTI to assure proper coordination with the USDA.  No injuries have been reported with this recall.”

According to the company, the recall affects approximately 2,845 cases of the sausage links, and has been traced back to one production plant. Cases that are affected by the recall have lot numbers of either A638216800 or A638216801. If you have a bag of these sausages in your home, the company advises you to throw them away immediately and call their recall number, which is available on its website.

The USDA classifies recalls like this based on the risk they believe the product might pose to someone who uses it. This particular case has been hit with a “Class I” rating, which is the highest, but it’s also worth noting that there have been no confirmed reports of anyone being hurt or made ill by the product yet.