Every year on August 8th, countries worldwide (apart from Russia, apparently) take a full day to appreciate our feline friends. As our editorial team loves their pets very dearly, we thought we’d take the opportunity to share some animals that are in need of forever homes.

Of course, here at BGR we’re firmly a dog blog, so when we said there are cats that need adopting, what we actually meant is that there are some cat-friendly dogs and/or dogs that look kinda like cats that need adopting. If you look hard enough, you can probably even find a dog that will snobbishly ignore you, dislodge potted plants, and get in fights with raccoons, so ultimately, what’s even the difference?

All joking aside, early August is one of the busiest times for cat shelters as they juggle with a wave of new kittens born early in the summer. A number of shelters are offering free adoptions for International Cat Day; cats from shelters are generally checked by a vet, vaccinated, and spayed all before they’re released, a process that can cost hundreds of dollars to be done privately. By adoption a pet from a shelter, you’re also freeing up resources for other animals in need, and donations help keep animal rescue operations afloat. Apps like PetFinder can help you find a shelter pet, or you can visit your local county animal rescue to find someone in need.

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