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Everyone on Instagram is taking the exact same photos, and this new account proves it

instagram trends

Have you ever been browsing through your Instagram feed and spotted a gorgeous image that feels incredibly familiar? Well, it turns out that aside from the steady stream of selfies that flood just about everyone’s feed, Instagram users have a huge creativity problem. A new Instagram account called Insta_Repeat has been gathering everyone’s way-too-similar photos and creating hilarious collages that make it clear there’s no room for originality anymore.

“Wander. Roam. Replicate.” is Insta-Repeat’s motto, and the account’s long list of photo mashups is a real treat to browse through. You’ll see photos-of-photos-on-cameras, countless people standing on top of peaks, in front of waterfalls, and in the middle of long tunnels. In short, you’re going to see what everyone thinks makes a great Instagram photo.

Even if you’ve long suspected that Instagram users tend to post the same stuff over and over, it’s kind of mind-blowing to browse so many same-y photos all in one place. There’s something to be said for pleasing aesthetics, but it’s also abundantly clear that Instagram has created a strange photography meta that lots and lots of people are following very closely.

The paint-within-the-lines formula means that lots of Instagrammers end up copying each other whether they realize it or not.

The sheer number of “person at the end of a canoe” and “view through my tent opening” photos is hilarious, and just wait until you see the “person on a long bridge” collection.

And don’t forget the “view through a cave opening”! That’s a real classic:

This might be the single greatest Instagram account ever created.