Some people are naturals when it comes to wrapping Christmas presents. Many of us, however, are not. As someone who is regularly ashamed by my own poor present-wrapping skills, I was happy to discover a terrific life hack that gave me a simple way to wrap presents as efficiently and quickly as possible.

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Let’s go through a couple of important steps. First, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve cut paper the right size so that it wraps fully around the present’s width while being just long enough to cover the present’s sides on its length:

What’s really interesting about this trick is that you need to place your present at a diagonal on top of the paper for it to really be effective. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have to pull up one corner of the paper on top of the present:

From there, you have to make a series of folds that will naturally line up very well with the edge of the present based thanks to its original placement on the paper. Eventually, you’ll have a wrapped gift that looks like this:

At any rate, this is hard to explain using just text and screencaps, which is why you should watch the full video posted by YouTube user BeatTheBush:

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