Are you sick of your career and are looking to start a new one? If so then you should check out all the jobs that just listed as the 25 best jobs in America. The No. 1 job in the country according to Glassdoor is being a data scientist, which pays a median base salary of over $116,000 and has more than 1,700 job openings on Glassdoor right now. In other words, if you’re a data scientist, your skills are highly valued.

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There are plenty of other worthy tech-related jobs on Glassdoor’s list. There are currently over 2,900 job openings for solutions architects on Glassdoor, for instance, and those jobs offer a median base salary of over $119,000. The only reason solutions architect is ranked behind data scientist is that it has a lower overall Career Opportunity rating.

Other tech-related jobs on the list include mobile developer (2,250 openings, $90,000 median base salary), software engineer (49,000 openings, $95,000 median base salary), analytics manager (under 1,000 openings, $105,000 median base salary), software development manager (1,200 openings, $135,000 base salary), and UX designer (under 1,000 openings, $92,000 median base salary).

Basically, if you’re good at writing software, now is a very good time to be looking for a job.

Check out the full list of Glassdoor’s best jobs in America at this link.

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