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Eminem songs are so much better in sign language

Eminem Songs In Sign Language

Eminem is one of the most gifted rappers out there, and you’re probably familiar with his work whether you’re a fan or not. But what you’re about to see is even better than his greatest hits. People are rapping his songs on YouTube using sign language, and the results are just incredible.

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The irony doesn’t escape us. You really need to be able to both hear Eminem’s songs in the background and see these YouTubers interpret them in sign language. It’s impressive what these people can do with their hands, and how quickly they can translate Eminem’s fast-paced songs in sign language. Rapping Eminem songs in sign language is even better than the real thing, but probably only if you can also hear the originals, too.

If you want to experience what a hearing-impaired person would see in these clips, just turn off the volume and watch the videos — naturally, it pays off knowing how to sign. Definitely check out all the clips (via Gizmodo) featuring Eminem songs in sign language below.

David Putz signing Mockingbird

DemocraziaDirettaSM signing Lose Yourself

Garrett Yockey signing When I’m Gone

MusicalDancingRose signing Stan

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