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Domino’s new fish stick pizza tests the limits of what humans will willingly eat

Updated 4 years ago
Published Feb 10th, 2016 10:00PM EST
Domino's Fish Stick Pizza WTF

I… sigh.

Domino’s has always been on the edge when it comes to creating unique pizzas that look part delicious and part terrifying — recall the Domino’s Oreo Dessert Pizza if you need a refresher. Per Brand Eating, Domino’s China has produced a new fish stick pizza that looks 100% terrifying and 0% delicious. Just look for yourself below.

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Here’s the thing: Fish sticks are not good. They’re the things that you’d always dread getting served in the cafeteria when you were growing up. In fact, fish sticks are so bad that they don’t really even have a good natural condiment — after all, how often to you use tartar sauce other than when eating fish sticks? So putting them on pizza, in my mind, is ruining would could otherwise be a decent meal.

For the record, this particular pizza also includes green bell peppers, corn, French lardons, pepperoni, and cherry tomatoes, so it’s a real mishmash of foods that don’t really work together slapped on top of some crust.

You can learn more about this crime against pizza nature over at Domino’s China’s official website here.

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