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Boeing’s airplane of the future will blow your mind

Boeing LED Screens

The airline industry finally seems to be getting its act together. While the consumer electronics space over the last few years was bursting with innovations, the overall flying experience largely remained the same. More recently, though, airlines have gotten around to upgrading flights with more modern-day amenities, including access to live TV via DirecTV and individualized video consoles built right into the back of headrests.

The next leap in in-flight comfort may come in the form of incorporating LEDs on airplane ceilings. In turn, airlines would be able to project all sorts of interesting imagery and even pertinent flight information overhead. Currently being explored by Boeing, some of the illustrations provided by the company are quite intriguing.

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“These ceiling projections could be scenes found in nature or helpful information for passengers projected on the walls and bulkheads,” Boeing’s Mike Sinnett explained. “Airlines could use these lighting enhancements on the walls and bulkheads to display information about the destination or to project scenes that get passengers thinking about where they’re going. The possibilities are endless about how this technology could be used.”

For instance, another scenario envisioned by Boeing involves projecting images of a starry night sky to help passengers fall asleep.

And not just content with LED lights, Boeing is re-imagining all facets of the flying experience and is actively exploring other ways to modernize air travel and the layout of their planes.

A concept video showcasing some of the innovations Boeing is working on to develop an overall “wow” factor can be seen below.

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