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Zer01 Mobile launches nationwide

If you’ve always wanted unlimited voice and data on the smartphone of your choice but VOCE disappeared before you could jump on board, Zer01 Mobile might just be the way to go. After all, $79.99 per month (up from $69.99 when the service was first announced) gets you unlimited voice (MoIP), data and messaging on AT&T’s data networks and an extra $10 gets you unlimited international calling to around 40 countries. The only catch is that Zer01 has to install its proprietary software on your phone (or you can purchase a device from the company itself with software preloaded) because it uses data networks for all connectivity. This means that voice, not just data, is also carried through the data networks — yay MoIP. Zer01 assures us that its call quality doesn’t suffer when your data connection is weak thanks to the proprietary technology it uses. Right now Windows Mobile phones are being supported but BlackBerry, Android and other OSes are going to get support soon. Lastly, there are no contracts involved as the service is entirely prepaid. Interest piqued?