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Next-gen Xbox to let publishers decide whether games require Internet connection

Xbox 720 Specs

The next-generation Xbox is expected to include high-end hardware and a variety of software improvements when Microsoft announces the system next month. According to a new report from Polygon, the console will incorporate the controversial requirement that users will need an Internet connection to play some games, although the decision on whether a game will require a constant Internet will be decided by the game’s publisher. Polygon warns that Microsoft’s current guidelines can still change, however.

The report goes on to claim that the next-generation Xbox will include the ability to capture gameplay videos that can then be shared across different social networks, similar to the Share button on PlayStation 4’s controller. Microsoft is said to be working on a DVR-like system that will allow users to record gameplay, and go back and select highlights. Users will have the option to disable or enable the function, or even set it up to automatically capture certain in-game achievements such as making a headshot or collecting a specific item.

Along with giving developers and publishers more control over copyright protection of their games, they will also have the ability to add more achievements to a game after it is launched, without having to add it as optional downloadable content.

The latest rumors suggest the next-generation Xbox will be released in early November for only $299. The system is rumored to be equipped with a 1.6GHz 8-core AMD processor, 8GB of RAM, an 800MHz graphics processor, a Blu-ray Disc drive, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and support for core Windows 8 apps.

Microsoft will unveil the next Xbox at a press event on May 21st.