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‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ trailer to appear in front of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’

X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Date

No one ever needed any incentive to go to the theater to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. No matter how disappointing the prequel trilogy was, we’re all ready to give the franchise another chance (as evidenced by the unprecedented ticket presales late last month). But just in case you did need another reason to get off the couch, 20th Century Fox is going to give you one.

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According to Collider, the first teaser trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse will debut in front of The Force Awakens when the highly anticipated Star Wars sequel hits theaters on December 18th.

“I can in fact confirm that information,” co-writer and producer Simon Kinberg told Collider when asked about footage for the 2016 X-Men sequel appearing in theaters this year. “Our first trailer will be on Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s our first thing out there so it is somewhat of a teaser but it’s certainly longer than a minute and it has a ton of cool stuff in it.”

Collider also notes that the first trailer for Captain America: Civil War will light up the silver screen with The Force Awakens. It doesn’t take a genius to see that screen time in front of the most anticipated movie in years would be valuable for studios.

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