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These are the ugliest things Apple has ever made, hands down

Worst Apple Products Ever

Apple is well known for its gorgeous hardware designs but that doesn’t mean the company is incapable of throwing up a hideous clunker every now and then. Business Insider has stumbled upon a clothing line that Apple started in 1986 that is terrible enough to make Mr. T’s rope belt look fashionable.

Fast Company says that the clothing line, which was called “The Apple Collection,” was likely released without Steve Jobs’ prior knowledge or consent since it also came out the same year he was ousted from the company.

Given Jobs’ keen eye for things that look “cool,” we imagine that his head might have completely exploded if he ever saw his company’s logo on outfits such as this:

Or God forbid this:

Fast Company wants us to believe that these clothes are actually cool in a hipsterish “so-bad-they’re-good” sort of way, but we aren’t buying it. No good can ever come from reviving sweatpants. None whatsoever.

The good news is that Apple has stepped up its design game significantly over the last 28 or so years and it’s a safe bet that whenever it releases its first wearable computer, it will look much better than the monstrosities we see in the Apple Collection.

Check out even more pictures of this horrible clothing by clicking the two source links below.

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