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Airport Apologizes to Passenger who Paid $5 for the World’s Most Disappointing Sandwich

July 6th, 2015 at 12:21 PM
Worst Airport Food Ever Sandwich

No one who’s stuck at an airport expects to get a gourmet meal during their time there. Nonetheless, there should be at least some tiny standards that should be honored — as in, if you pay for a ham-and-egg sandwich, the ham and egg used inside the sandwich should be at least close to the diameter of the bread. However this was apparently too much for one vendor at the Edinburgh Airport to handle, as it recently served what can only be described as the most disappointing sandwich in the history of the world.

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After paying £3.20 (~USD$5) for a ham and egg sandwich at EAT, a cafe chain that’s popular in the U.K., Redditor spambox found that it contained barely any egg or ham inside. As you can see in the picture at the top of the post, there is practically nothing of substance inside this supposed sandwich, which would be a disappointment even if you paid just 50 cents for it, let alone five bucks.

This left the airport with a very small and insignificant egg on its face and it’s now actually apologized to the customer in question.

“We work closely with all of our food and beverage providers to ensure we offer customers the best choice of refreshments and service,” an Edinburgh Aiport spokesman told The Scotsman. “Sadly on this occasion we fell below the mark and offer our apologies to this customer. Clearly this is not the service we should be providing and we will be addressing this complaint with EAT.”

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