You know what we bet you’ve never wanted to do? Play video games on your t-shirt. But that’s because you’re not Marc Kerger, a YouTube user who has recently uploaded a video of his latest creation that is both awesomely stupid and stupidly awesome at the same time: A computerized t-shirt that will let you play Tetris.

Kerger says that he build the wearable computer using an Arduino Uno microcontroller board, four AA batteries and 128 individual LEDs. As you can see in the video, Kerger is able to play the game with the help of several buttons on his shirt that shift and rotate Tetris blocks before they fall into place on the display.

As for why Kerger took the time and effort to construct such a monstrosity, he says that “I always wanted a playable t-shirt, well now I made one myself.”

We can’t argue with that! Be sure to check out the full video below.

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