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Whyd: The latest service trying to tear you away from Pandora and Spotify

Whyd Free Music Streaming Service

The methods of ingesting music over the internet are nearly limitless. Some services offer nothing but endless radio stations, others let you pick and choose which songs you want to listen to, but none of them are quite as extensive as a simple search on YouTube. The only issue with trawling through YouTube for your favorite songs instead of simply starting up a Pandora station is the total lack of convenience. That’s where Whyd comes in.

Whyd is a music-centric social network that allows users to save and share their favorite songs from all over the internet without having to worry about subscription fees or limited selections. By installing the “Whyd + Track” widget to your browser, any track on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or Soundcloud is just a click away from your personal collection. You can also sort your saved tracks into playlists, subscribe to other users’ feeds and find the top influencers on the site based on the World Whyd Rankings.

Whyd has been available on an invite-only basis for over a year, but the service is finally open to the public this month. It lacks many of the features of the more popular streaming services, but it might be the best way to start gathering the music you can’t find anywhere else. As per the creators:

“If you want Top 40, turn on your FM radio or queue up Spotify’s charts. If you want to hear something you’ve never expected, check out the community of curators on Whyd.”

Jacob Siegal is Associate Editor at BGR, having joined the news team in 2013. He has over a decade of professional writing and editing experience, and helps to lead our technology and entertainment product launch and movie release coverage.