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Hilarious: Comcast’s Facebook fan page is filled with nothing but angry haters

Why Is Comcast So Bad

Normally companies create pages on Facebook as a way for them to stay in touch with their assorted fans. If you’re Comcast, however, creating a fan page on Facebook means withstanding the wrath of angry users who are fed up with your infamously poor customer service.

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Dann Furia has taken a look at Comcast’s official page on Facebook and has found that it is consistently overrun with angry comments from subscribers. A quick sample of some of the highlights from just earlier this week:

  • “By far the WORST phone customer service EVER!! Thank you Google Fiber for coming to my community soon. I can’t wait to switch!!”
  • “1.85Mbps download & .94Mbps upload… Fabulous even below third world standard (Am I going to hear a modem sound now ?)”
  • “I would get more enjoyment for my $210.00 a month if you could send some technicians over say once a week, ring the door bell and when I answer deliver me a swift kick in the groin. Not a swat, a grazing, do not tease me. I’m requesting a kick similar to hall of fame punter Ray Guy’s technique. Now like an idiot I will unplug my box and for the fourth time reset or can you send me another signal.”

In case you think that these kinds of comments are just a bad day, Furia has been following the exploits of Comcast’s Facebook page for a while and has found that it’s pretty much always filled with rage-filled missives against the company.

To see more hilariously angry comments from Comcast customers, check out Furia’s full blog post by clicking here.

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