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Two Comcast customers nearly go insane fighting thousands in bogus fees

Why Is Comcast So Bad

Although Comcast has been pledging for a while now to fix its legendarily awful customer service, little seems to have changed so far because nightmare stories of dealing with the company keep popping up on a regular basis. Two more such lurid tales have come to our attention this week that involve Comcast customers who have been doggedly trying to fight bogus fees that together total more than $3,000.

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The first story comes to us via Consumerist and it involves a Comcast customer in Tennessee who moved to a new address that was just an hour away from his old place and who was told by Comcast that it would be able to deliver service to the new address. When it turned out that Comcast wasn’t actually able to service the new address, however, the company hit the man with $2,789 in fees for supposedly breaking his service agreement despite the fact that he didn’t actually cancel his service.

“I was just blown away,” the told Nashville’s WSMV-TV. “That’s way too much money for somebody like me to be able to pay.”

The good news is that once the man got his local news station involved, Comcast agreed to waive the fees because there were extenuating circumstances, a.k.a., its representatives told the customer that they could deliver him service when in reality they couldn’t.

The second story is actually one that we first heard about earlier this year. Comcast customer Dann Furia was hit with $360 in fees for unreturned equipment despite the fact that he had actually returned the equipment and had a receipt to prove it. Despite making multiple calls to the company and being told numerous times the bogus charges were being dropped from his account, they remained there until his story finally went viral on Reddit, which was enough to get Comcast’s attention and actually fix his problem.

He’s now put together a video compilation of recorded phone calls to show exactly how much trouble he had to go through to get his money back and he says that it shows how Comcast’s strategy is to try to ground you down so you will just pay what it charges you because you’re sick of fighting it. The whole video is both maddening and hilarious and can be found below.

Prior to joining BGR as News Editor, Brad Reed spent five years covering the wireless industry for Network World. His first smartphone was a BlackBerry but he has since become a loyal Android user.