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Apple fanboy explains why he’ll buy ‘ANYTHING’ Apple makes even if he doesn’t understand its purpose

April 27th, 2015 at 1:44 PM
Why Buy The Apple Watch

Is shutting off your critical thinking skills and simply buying something because it has an Apple logo on it a good idea? It’s very likely not, but that didn’t stop TheNextWeb cofounder Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten from confessing that he’ll buy “ANYTHING” Apple sells him even if he doesn’t understand exactly why he’s buying it.

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“A few days ago I had dinner with some people, and of course we discussed the Apple Watch,” he explains. “Some people were skeptical and took the position that it wouldn’t be of much value, and challenged me to explain to them why it would be a useful gadget. I was about to mention some reasons when someone interrupted me and said ‘Boris would buy anything with an Apple logo on it, so he doesn’t even need a reason…’ The thing is, he’s right. Almost. I’m very much inclined to consider anything that Apple produces.”

You may think this is a little bit strange — after all, even hardcore Android fanboys have largely stayed away from Android Wear devices all together instead of just rushing out to buy them because they’re new Android devices. However, Boris says that he has such faith that Apple will deliver something he’ll love that he’ll still buy it no matter what.

Boris still doesn’t know quite what the Apple Watch will be good for but he does say that it’s having a positive impact on iPhone users who are using the watch more instead of looking at their iPhones for basic communications. In other words, it sounds like the Apple Watch is charging you hundreds of dollars to fix a problem Apple created with the iPhone in the first place. This is, Boris asserts, “The Apple Experience.”

Read Boris’s full essay for yourself by clicking here.

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