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What’s really the right way to eat candy corn?

Updated 4 years ago
Published Oct 31st, 2015 12:15PM EDT
What Is The Right Way To Eat Candy Corn

For many people the answer to this question is, “Never eat candy corn.” But there are many of us who do this time of year and, yes, I’m one of them. For years I’ve eaten candy corn the same way that I assumed everyone else does — that is, I bite off the sugary white top first before moving onto the bottom orange and yellow parts. The reasons I do this are simple: I like the flavor and texture of the white part best and I’d like to separate it from the lower parts. The top part also separates itself quite easily with minimum pressure.

But apparently, I’m not in the majority in this matter.

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Looking over Vox’s big explainer of candy corn, I was struck by the following chart that was taken from a survey of candy corn eaters by the National Confectioners Association:

A plurality of people eat the whole piece all together, while a slightly smaller percentage do what I do and bite off the top. A tiny minority of weirdos — barely over 10%! — bite off the big yellow end first.

At any rate, I’m fascinated to see so many people just pop all the candy corns into their mouths without thinking of how to separate it… then again, I’m also That Guy who has always saved the green M&M’s and strawberry-flavored Starbursts for last, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that the majority of people out there don’t share all my OCD candy habits.

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