Here is a fresh webOS 2.0 rumor for you. Developer Zhephree is the author of a Foursquare application for Palm’s beleaguered mobile operating system, webOS. Recently, while checking the logs of his Foursquare application, he noticed an entry for webOS 2.0 on a device listed as “Roadrunner.” A webOS 2.0 launch is rumored for the end of this year and we all know that some new hardware is way overdue. Zhephree did tell PreCentral that the information could be forged, but as he put it:

[…] the source for foursquare is open and on GitHub. Someone with the knowledge could easily download the source, modify the Metrix JS library I have included, and force it to post to my Metrix stats with whatever string they want. Granted, it would take some effort, but it’s doable.

Seems like an awful lot of work to hope a developer checks their application logs. We’ve got an image of Zhephree’s application metrics after the break.

[Via PreCentral]