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Voodoo Envy MW:152 gaming laptop

September 29th, 2007 at 4:18 PM

Ready for one of the most savage gaming-oriented laptops around? Voodoo, long recognized as one of the biggest, and best gaming computer manufacturers, is bringing the pain with their latest mobile offering. The Voodoo Envy MW:152 is on display here at Digital Life, and we’re quite impressed with its power and capabilities. The Voodoo guys have these portable machines powering 42″ displays, hooked up to a demo version of an un-identified racing game complete with full racing seat and steering wheel. The impressive thing here is that not only are these laptops powering the massive displays with ease, but the game’s frame-rate andgame playy are completelyseamlesss. Bottom line is that these laptops are providing a user experience almost identical to a traditional arcade console. Crazy! The computers themselves are powered by Intel’s new x7800 Extreme CPU, and clock in at under 7lbs with battery attached. A 15.4″ screen is provided when you’re away from your 42″ plasma, and they things come in a dizzying array of more than 22 custom colors. Oh, and they’re quiet as heck, too. Anyone in the market for a solid gaming laptop should certainly take a look at these bad boys. Hit the jump for more shots!

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