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Verizon’s new web portal

August 2nd, 2007 at 11:39 AM

Verizon is a strange breed, imparting their own form of proprietary UI onto just about every device that leaves their stores. As crazy as it may be, the company has succeeded in creating an entirely unified brand, with little room for deviation regardless of which handset you happen to have. Their Mobile Web Portal is but one facet of Verizon’s almost maniacally controlling business model. It is therefore somewhat shocking that they dropped a redesigned interface yesterday. The new Verizon Mobile Web Portal provides the following changes and updates, courtesy of Two Percent Nation:

  • Top navigation of Home, Search and Favorites replaced with a banner ad.
  • Top Headlines graphic with image map links turned into a Top Headlines pull-down with context relevant headlines in each section of the portal. This saves a little space and makes the images cleaner as they no longer have text on top of them.
  • Grid navigation increased from 2×4 to 2×5. Now all number keys can be used for shortcuts and on the homepage this is where Search and Favorites were moved to on the homepage

Nothing revolutionary, but it should provide a little bit of excitement to your dreary, Verizon-UI laden lives. Enjoy!


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