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Verizon Wireless to discontinue Test Drive program and lower New Every Two discount

Updated 4 years ago

An internal Verizon Wireless document details changes to both its Test Drive program and New Every Two (NE2) program. Effective February 15th, 2009, Verizon will be discontinuing its Test Drive Program. The program allows new customers to try out Verizon’s service for 30 days risk free. If the customer chooses to port his/her number to another carrier and terminate service with Verizon, Verizon will waive the wireless access and usage charges for the minutes used. A nice deal for customers who want to try out Verizon and not incur a big bill. Customers who sign up for new service on or after February 15th and cancel or port their number will no longer get a free pass and will have to pay all wireless access and usage charges. Hit the jump for details on the soon to be lowered New Every Two discount and the full slide detailing all the changes.

Also effective on February 15th are changes to the popular, if not confusing, New Every Two program that encourages customers to sign up for a 2-year contract renewal by offering an additional discount on a new handset. Customers with a monthly calling plan that is $79.99 and greater currently enjoy a $100 NE2 discount on a new handset. Under the new plan, that discount will fall to a meager $50. Likewise, customers with a monthly calling plan of $34.99 to $79.98 will see their NE2 discount fall from the current $50 to $30. The take home message here is this: if you you are potential new customer or a current customer eligible for NE2 and want to get the best value from what Verizon Wireless has to offer, then get yourself down to a Verizon Wireless store before February 15th.