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Verizon eyeing a $99 netbook offering?

These days, netbooks seem to be all the rage and carriers here in the US are finally beginning to see the revenue potential. AT&T already offers a subsidized netbook and now Verizon Wireless reportedly wants in on the action. Rumor has it that one unit has already undergone testing with others possibly lined up for the future. Verizon has already offered $100 and $200 rebates for laptops but a subsidized netbook with a two-year contract might be a more popular and prudent choice. With many manufacturers already producing netbooks and many more looking to jump on the bandwagon, it would be even nicer if we see Verizon carrying several models in its armory. In this economic climate, netbooks are beginning to look more attractive than their larger and pricier counterparts. The only downside, of course, is the usual $60 per month for two years that comes along with grabbing a subsidized netbook. On the flip side of the coin however, you’re going to be paying that monthly fee anyway if you want a connected netbook


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