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This is how you can get Verizon customer service to cater to your every whim

July 14th, 2014 at 4:35 PM
Verizon Customer Service Social Influencers

Have you found yourself frustrated by Verizon’s customer service? Well don’t worry, there’s now an easy way to get Verizon to cater to your every whim — you just have to get more than 1 million followers on Twitter.

BuzzFeed late last week spotted a tweet sent out from Verizon’s customer support account that appears to have been intended as a direct message for Verizon customer service staff. The tweet had a rather mysterious message that instructed unspecified Verizon customer service representatives to address a concern expressed by Australian DJ James Yammouni.

The tweet specifically cited Yammouni’s 1.13 million Twitter followers and named him as a “high influencer.” And because his social media influence was so strong, the message said, someone at Verizon’s customer service team should “reach out at the earliest possible convenience.” Verizon deleted the tweet after Buzzfeed contacted the company about it and the carrier hasn’t responded to subsequent followup questions sent about it.

On the one hand, this is a smart way to do customer service — if you’re going to make someone angry, you’d prefer it to not be someone who will vent his frustrations to more than 1 million followers. On the other hand, it can’t make us “little people” feel all that good if Verizon is really prioritizing customers’ concerns and complaints based on their Twitter follower count.

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