At least y’all will have to wait less, not longer, right? We’re finally allowed to publish what the BlackBerry world has been waiting for — the official release date for the BlackBerry Storm. November 21st is the date that shall live in infamy. Well, not really, but you get the point! So… does this mean any Joe Six-pack or Joe The Plumber can walk into a Verizon Wireless store and get a Storm? Yes sir! The 21st is the general availability date and that includes corporate stores, telesales, online, etc. The price? $199 like we’ve said all along. That’s after a $50 MIR, but hey, do you really care at this point? Nope. We’re also told stock levels will be enormous, so there shouldn’t be any issue getting a unit on launch day. Just don’t come cryin’ to us if some pimple-faced adolescent manages to grab the last one right before you. Let’s quickly recap so there is no confusion:

  • November 21st
  • $199

Thank you and good night (or good day, for you folks on the other side of the world).

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