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New free iPhone app unsubscribes you from annoying email lists in just a few swipes

Unsubscribe Email List

Can you imagine how much more productive your work life and your personal life would be if you didn’t have all that junk cluttering up your email inbox every day? You probably don’t even know how your email address was added to half the lists you’re subscribed to in the first place, but here you are with dozens of emails every day that you simply don’t want or need.

There are a few solid options out there to help you unsubscribe from newsletters and other junk mail you don’t want, and now a new free iPhone app called with a unique approach and a sleek user interface can be added to the list.

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In a nutshell, can be described as simply as this: it’s Tinder for junk mail. Users are presented with a Tinder-like interface and only newsletters and other mailing list emails are shown on your screen as cards. Swipe left on a card and you’ll be unsubscribed by Swipe right and you’ll stay subscribed to a mailer, but you can also easily add it to a “daily digest” that lumps all of your selected email subscriptions into one note.

The service is free so it’s definitely worth checking out, and you’ll find a download link following the app’s full description below.

Decluttering your inbox has never been so easy, or looked so good. With Unroll.Me, you can unsubscribe from unwanted emails, consolidate sales/newsletters/listserv emails into a convenient daily digest called the Rollup, and keep the rest in your inbox.

Stop stressing over your inbox and get back to spending time on what matters to you. Download Unroll.Me and get back the “you time” you’ve been missing.

• Unsubscribe
Swipe left to unsubscribe from the email subscriptions you don’t want. No future emails from these senders will land in your inbox.

• Rollup
Swipe up to roll up the email subscriptions you want into a daily digest, the Rollup. All future emails from these senders will bypass your inbox and be included in your daily Rollup digest.

• Keep
Swipe right to keep the email subscriptions you want right in your inbox. These emails will continue to land directly in your inbox.

• Managing your subscriptions
Easily manage your email subscriptions by swiping left to unsubscribe, up to roll up and right to keep. If swiping isn’t your thing, you can also tap the button below the email corresponding to the action you wish to take. You can re-edit your email subscriptions in the edit tab by tapping on them to view the editing options.

• The Rollup
The Rollup is a once-daily digest containing all of the rolled up email subscriptions you receive and will be delivered each day at the time of your choosing: morning, afternoon, or evening.

• Multiple accounts
Switch between multiple email accounts easily in the Settings.

Unroll.Me currently supports Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL, iCloud, and accounts.


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