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Time Warner Cable Really, Really Stepped in it This Time

Time Warner Cable SNL Star Colin Jost

Although cable companies have a terrible reputation among pretty much everyone, they normally do try to behave better for customers who have high media profiles. Even this has proven to be too much for Time Warner Cable to handle, however, because its poor customer service has now sparked an epic Twitter rant from Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost.

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In this case, it seems that Jost is annoyed that his TWC service still isn’t working properly despite the fact that three different technicians have been to his apartment for a total of seven hours this week alone. In fact, Jost says his service has been malfunctioning for the past four months and that he’s talked with more than two dozen different customer service representatives trying to get the problem solved, all to no avail. All of this led Jost to go on an epic not-safe-for-work rant about the hated cable provider.

“For the record, my #TimeWarnerCable hasn’t worked in FOUR MONTHS But in fairness, it may just be tired from blowing Satan,” he wrote in one tweet.

“When I asked to speak to a supervisor at #TimeWarnerCable, they put me through to Pol Pot’s voicemail,” read another.

At another point, Jost said that he couldn’t send the company a letter to complain because he believed that its address was located somewhere in Mordor.

Time Warner Cable and its former would-be-partner-in-crime Comcast have the lowest customer satisfaction ratings of any two companies in the United States and stories like this are just one of millions of reasons why.


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