Let’s be honest: If a video doesn’t get to the point rather quickly, you’ll shut it off. It’s why movies aren’t using opening credits at the beginning of movies anymore, and if they are, people will just fast-forward through it. So, this secret time-lapse function app for the iPhone 6 iOS 8 is really cool and furthers the point of fast-forwarding through things. It allows you to choose “dynamically selected intervals” to shoot video, but what does that really mean?

Studio Neat uncovered what really means: “Turns out, what Apple is doing is quite simple, and indeed, pretty clever. What Apple means by ‘dynamically selected intervals’ is they are doubling the speed of the time-lapse and taking half as many pictures per second as the recording duration doubles. Sounds complex, but it’s actually very simple.”

Studio Neat also took the time out of their day to compile this table to give further information to people who can’t wait to use this time-lapse function:

This function will without a doubt be used to overload YouTube with new clips of amazing time-lapse videos of cats jumping off tables and dogs running around backyards chasing their tails. Check out this video of the new time-lapse function in action on the iPhone 6 iOS 8 below:


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