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Throwback Thursday: Pocket Rockers

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 6:57PM EST

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Back for another installment of Throwback Thursday? After several weeks of technology focused throwbacks, we’re going to revisit the retro toy scene as December 25th is right around the corner. If you’re a young music aficionado, there is a good chance you’ve already swindled your parents into buying you an iPod or digital music player of some sort. Heck, if you’re parents are really nice you might even have one of those new fangled “smartphones” that functions as a music player. However back in the 1980’s, such things didn’t exist. Sure, there was the Sony Walkman, but they were a hot item and not typically something bought for an adolescent. If only there was something that could fill the void in the market, if only there was… Pocket Rockers.

Marketed by Fisher Price in the late 80’s, the Pocket Rockers was a small, cassette-based music player with a built in speaker and headphone jack. The device played proprietary miniature cassettes that held two songs and, like all cool things in the 80’s, could be worn on your person. The commercials depicted young music lovers dancing around, with their feathered bangs and rolled-up jeans, wearing the Rocker-cassettes of their favorite artists. After all, who would want to keep the fact that they love Debbie Gibson a secret? Tiffany, Genesis, and Cutting Crew were a few other artists that had two-track cassettes available for the player.

If you’re still having a hard time remembering, follow the jump. There is an awesomely bad 80’s commercial waiting to jog your memory.

Special thanks to S. Cox for this week’s Throwback Thursday suggestion!

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